Tiger JK goes mad on twitter {What do you think?}

Ok everyone, so yesterday on twitter, a former Korean hip-hop artist went wild on and tweeted a lot of insulting stuff about YG Entertainment and it's idols. To be honest most of his tweets were hilarious and I was sitting there with my phone reading everything like this.

Although I found it funny many VIP's and KPOP lovers were insulted by the things he was saying about their Oppa's and they replied back to most of his tweets, however he just insulted them more directly; constantly saying, 

'You don't scare me. You don't pay my rent, you pay YG's rent.'

This referred to how they weren't HIS fans and so they weren't buying HIS music and therefore didn't pay HIS rent but only YG's.

- GD was his main target. It really pissed him off that GD is acting all hood and gangster and now everybody is acting like GD invented Hip Hop in Korea even though JK has done it before and nobody cared back then. He also said that "That XX" is basically the same as Drake's "Marvin's Room." 
So I looked into it and the English translation of GD - That XX has the same story-line as Drake's Marvin's Room so it what he was saying was actually right. Here's a few lines of his song in comparison to Drake's.

GD - That XX

That XX, what does he have that I don’t
Why can’t I have you
That XX doesn’t love you
How much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?

Drake - Marvin's Room

 “F-ck that nigga that you love so bad
I know you still think about the times we had”
I say “f-ck that nigga that you think you found
And since you picked up I know he’s not around”
(Are you drunk right now?)
I’m just sayin’, you could do better

I think that we can all see that even though the words weren't directly copied from the song, they still contain the same kind of meaning. So yeah, we can't fault @tigerjksays on this one but still, what he said was really insulting and he directed his anger at VIP's too. He even went to the extent of swearing at them and calling them beaches and stuff like that. 
{I'm not going to use swear words on this blog. Sorry. XD}

So we've all obviously heard of PSY- Gangnam style right? PSY is an artist that is signed to YG Ent. and tigerjk started to say that PSY hates YG too as they didn't allow him to collaborate with BIGBANG or 2NE1 until Gangnam Style went global.

You're probably thinking, 'Well he has two twitters so he the one that he wrote this on could have been made by someone else.'
Well this scenario is wrong as proven in a tweet that he wrote from his main account here:
And it wasn't just his other account that was tweeting all of this stuff, on his main account, he did the same thing!!!

'Try to walk in my hood with blond ass braids vanilli.' 
I laughed so hard at this. You might not. This is a reference to GD in his One of a Kind music video as he was rocking blond braids which are apparently 'ghetto' and 'hip-hop'. 

His account went on to talk about random groups in KPOP and not just YG, he made reference to JYJ members hitting fan girls. 
I actually didn't know this and supported him on that point because that isn't right and nobody picked him up on that so I guess most KPOP fans knew that he was right there.

So all KPOP fans were really mad yesterday on twitter and we waited until today to find out what would happen.

It turned out that @tigerjksays said that he was hacked by a fangirl and couldn't find his password. He even went so far as to change his twitter name to 'VIP'. He kept on tweeting and it didn't really make sense but he did keep saying sorry. However, even though he claimed that he got hacked, when asked why he did what he did that night, this is what he replied.

So can we really believe that he got hacked? If he did then why would he say what he said in reply to that question? He even went as far as acting like a fangirl by saying,

'I'm a fan girl. Goodnight.'

'Your oppa is the best.' 

'I love my oppas. I love 2NE1 unnies. I love TOP oppa. I love GD oppa. YB (taeyang) oppa is the best.'

'I love YG family. Especially Bom unnie., and top oppa. And Jinu Sean oppas. Thank you ~'

He calls people younger than him 'unnie and oppa' even though he shouldn't be.
Do you believe that he was actually hacked or was it just and explosion of all of the anger he had at the whole idea of KPOP in general. Was he mad because his talents weren't recognized? 
The last tweet that he tweeted was this,
Now that is very weird because how would he get into his account and be able to tweet this if he didn't know his passwords? 
Whose side are you on? 
Do you believe him or not. 

What do you think?


  1. He did this so that people would unfollow him on the account that he was tweeting on. He admitted that to myself and a few others, he just didn't like the kiss ass kpop fans that followed him on a separate account.

    1. Since I have begun to get into the underground hip-hop scene, lots of kpop fans who comment on the videos solely to compare the two genres does annoy me so I can empathise with him. However, crazy kpop fans are really sensitive to how people comment and view their idols and just to get people to unfollow him didn't require him to result to insulting people they look up too (although it is quite efficient) All I'm saying is that there could have been a nicer way of doing it.